The War in Laos 1960-75


Osprey Publishing is the leading name in Military History. The War in Laos is part of Osprey’s Men-at-Arms series, a slim volume that contains the uniforms, equipment, and history of the military forces who fought. Laos House was able to obtain all the remaining copies of the War in Laos, and also ordered a special print run of this book from Osprey/MacMillan so that you could hold part of your history in your hand. With its unrivaled detail, full color artwork, and photographs of that period, including historical photos of Generals Vang Pao and Kong Le, you will enjoy having this reference piece in your library. By Kenneth Conboy, illustrated by Simon McCouaig, paperback, 47 pages. Publisher’s List price of $17.95.

From Osprey: As World War II drew to a close, the Imperial Japanese military seized control of Laos, a French protectorate, and encouraged nationalist movements to forestall the revival of French power in the region. Despite these efforts, the French re-entered Indochina and methodically retook the protectorate. By 1957, the government of Laos and the core of the Communist Laotian forces, known as the Pathet Lao, entered an uneasy truce, which plunged the country into 15 years of war. This book explores the resulting conflict, providing a summary of events and profiling the Laotian government forces, the government Allied forces, and the Communist forces.