Regal Authentic Silk Women's Sinh Fabric


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This beautiful rust-colored sinh fabric is 100% silk that is traditionally handwoven and hand-loomed in Laos. The quality and workmanship is so fine and heirloom worthy, it’ll be cherished for many generations. Compared to machine made synthetic silk, this traditional Lao silk is reeled by hand, then dyed by hand in natural dyes, and loomed by hand in the old custom. Handwoven Lao silk is made through time-honored traditions and skills passed from one artisan generation to another. (A tradition and material growing more rare with the availability of synthetics.) Because it is custom and uniquely made, there is only one of this piece available. The sinh fabric presented here is uncut silk and ready to be custom-tailored to your exact size and dimensions by your own preferred seamstress. The silk piece is generously sized at 61” wide and 35” long, you’ll have ample material to create your own custom-fit sinh. The sash (pa bieng) is 75” long and 5 ½” wide and ready to be adorned or worn as-is. Please be sure to note all measurements prior to ordering. As this set is one of a kind and handwoven in Laos, there will be natural variations in the color, fabric, and texture. If you’re looking for an elegant sinh for a wedding or special occasion, or perhaps prefer high quality pieces, this handwoven 100% silk piece is gorgeous and will make a Laotian traditional outfit you’ll be proud to wear and pass down to your daughter and her daughter. (Belt not included and sold separately.)