Beautiful Brown Sinh and Pa Bieng - 32" Waist


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Hand-sewn in Laos, this Rich Chocolate Sinh and Pa Bieng set is tailored and ready for your next Lao celebration.

  • Waist measures approximately 32" with clasps that can be repositioned to adjust size up or down; length 31". (Approximately US Size 10.)
  • Skirt is a deep brown color with exquisite details - patterned gold and stripes with pops of green, blue, silver, and gold. Pa Bieng is intricately detailed with multi-colored accents and adorned with traditional faux gold beads.  Both skirt and pa bieng are lined.
  • Made of faux silk in Laos.
  • Displayed in photos with our Cocoa Women's Blouse and Forest Green Women's Blouse, both sold separately.