Men's Ceremonial Pants


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We commissioned these traditional pants to be made by an expert tailor in Laos so that you would have them when ceremony calls for the utmost in formality. These traditional pants are perfect for a bridegroom or other formal occasion. Technically, the pants are a twisted sarong. (Upon request, we can provide a video link on how to twist/wear the pants.) Generously sized at 138" wide and 44" long, these formal pants can fit most any gentleman. Beautiful trimwork of gold accentuates the deep Royal Blue color of the faux silk. An elaborate gold and blue pa bieng (6" wide and 78" long) completes the formal look. Also included are a pair of optional gold fabric chains (60" each) that can be worn across your chest as an accessory. To complete your formal Lao outfit, please see also our Men's Formal Ceremonial Shirt and Ceremonial Gold Chains, both sold separately. Beyond striking, these elaborate formal pants are the regal embodiment of Laotian heritage and culture. (Photo of mannequin is to display how pants are worn; it is not representative of actual product being presented.)