LanXang Lao Heritage and Freedom Flag


The LanXang Lao Heritage and Freedom Flag is the one our forefathers defended and fought for. It was the flag of the Kingdom of Laos from 1952-1975 before the Communists took over and we all fled for our lives as refugees seeking political asylum. We're so blessed to be residents and citizens of our adopted countries now, and the LanXang flag represents the legacy, heritage, and history of "Lao Nork." Made of a sturdy polyester, these 3' x 5' flags sport two reinforced grommets for connecting to any flagpole. The LanXang emblem, in a brilliant red and white, is visible on both sides of the flag. Fly the LanXang together with the proud flags of the US, France, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, or whichever beautiful country is now your home. We're looking forward to seeing you proudly display the colors of your Lao heritage.