I Little Slave


If your parents still can’t talk about what happened under the Pathet Lao Communist government, this book will give you some profound insight. So compelling a read, we finished the 423 pages in just two days. This true story is an absolute must for anyone whose family were Laotian refugees. The author Bounsang Khamkeo earned his doctorate in political science in France and returned home to Laos in 1973 to find the country in political chaos. He was imprisoned by the Communist Pathet Lao government and this book is his account of his seven-year struggle in prison (also known as “semina/seminar” or re-education camp) to stay alive and keep sane in spite of the harsh physical privation and endless psychological abuse. After his release from prison, Dr. Khamkeo fled to the US and currently lives in Vancouver, Washington. Softcover book, published by Eastern Washington University Press in conjunction with Dartmouth University Press. Publisher’s List price of $21.95. (6” x 9")