Sweet Pea Girl's Sinh Set - 7/8


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This emerald and olive green little girl’s sinh set is so soft and soothing in color. Our children’s sinh sets are custom made in Laos of synthetic silk, and there is only one available of this beautiful green set, offered here in approximately a size 7/8. The waist is approximately 20 ½” at the hook and eye closure; however, the full waist of the sinh is approximately 38” and the hook and eye closure could be easily adjusted to fit. The sinh’s length is 22” so falling at ankle or tee-length depending on your child’s height. We recommend you measure your child as pieces tailored in Laos tend to run small. The complementing olive green blouse has pearl and gold bead detail with fabric covered buttons and ruffle-capped sleeves. The blouse measures 27” at the chest and 25” at the waist. Because this item is handsewn, there are natural variations in the detail, fabric, and stitching. The gold trim and diamond pattern of the sinh is traditional Laotian, and your sweetheart will look like a little Lao Princess, we promise you will beam with such pride.